<![CDATA[CAMP HOLY CROSS - Newsletter]]>Mon, 19 Jun 2017 11:14:55 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Tie-Dye Fun!]]>Sat, 13 Jul 2013 19:17:35 GMThttp://campholycross.org/newsletter/tie-dye-funFor those of you who got to tie-dye this week, if you soak your shirts in warm vinegar and water, and then dry them it will help to set the color! And make sure you wash your shirt alone the first time or you might color all your laundry!!! 

If you didn't get to tie-dye this week, don't worry, we'll be doing it again next week as well!!!
<![CDATA[Friday, Session 1]]>Fri, 12 Jul 2013 19:16:12 GMThttp://campholycross.org/newsletter/friday-session-1Day 6 and it is the final day here at Camp Holy Cross of week one. Today is filled with packing, cleaning, and sad goodbyes to the end of the week and the new friendships made.

At closing ceremonies today we announced awards given to our Star Campers, Star Boy and Girl CIT, our Sunrise Swimmers, and Nature Walkers.

The counselors chose two excellent candidates for the Boy and Girl Star CIT award. Both CITs were 15 years old and because they received this reward they will automatically get hired next year as a counselor if they apply. The Star Boy CIT is Alex Ciskowski and the Star Girl CIT is Nicole Desmarais. Congratulations to both of these CITs and counselors are anxious for them to join the team next summer!

This year the directors added a new element to camp this year called The Cabin Cup. The directors got the idea from the Harry Potter books when each house gets awarded points throughout the school year. So throughout the week each cabin received points for good behavior, having the cleanest cabin, winning the talent show, etc. The winner of the Cabin Cup had the choice either to have custom camp shirts designed by JP or shaved our Assistant CIT Director, Winthrop’s head. Cabin 1 came in first place and picked to shave Winthrop’s head, while Cabin 13 came in second receiving the custom camp shirts.

Today ended with a cookout down in the Mess Hall and more goodbyes. Some campers are anxiously waiting for Sunday for week two of camp. Then there are other campers already counting down the days for next year of camp to begin.
<![CDATA[Thursday, Session 1]]>Thu, 11 Jul 2013 19:13:43 GMThttp://campholycross.org/newsletter/thursday-session-1Day 5 (Thursday) was our last full day of camp! It was amazing how fast camp seemed to fly by. For the last full day, the camp did the traditional Field Day. At Field Day the campers had the choice to participate in Camp Holy Cross’s version of the Color Run. The director’s set up a trail throughout camp with buckets of paint water along the trail. At each paint bucket there was two counselors at each station splattering watery paint at the campers as they ran by.

Once the Color Run was over the campers could play Messy Twister. Messy Twister is Twister the game but there is paint on the circles of the game to make the game interesting and messy. After the campers were covered in paint, a giant slip n’ slide was set up at the field for the campers to go down. And if going down the slip n’ slide wasn’t enough to get all the paint off of the campers, they were able to head down to the water front to wash off before heading to lunch.

After lunch we had another Color Wars competition called Water Balloon Battleship. The director’s set up a tarp over one of the soccer nets to make a dividing wall between the two Color War teams. Once the teams were on their respectful sides of the goal and out of sight of the other team, each color war team arranged themselves in patterns to make it hard to get hit by the water balloons that were coming over the goal from the other team. The winner of that competition was the Red, Orange, and Yellow teams!

As a last hooray for the week, the directors put together a dance for the campers to go to and enjoy as their last night all together. Our theme for the dance this week was Christmas in July. At the dance there was also a photo booth set up where campers dressed up in funny costumes and took goofy pictures with their friends. Halfway through the dance, the dancers got a surprise treat of ice cream. Also if any camper didn’t want to participate in the dance there was a second option to go to. One of our directors had kids playing board games and card games in the chapel as an alternative to the dance.

The CITs got a special treat as well on Thursday night. As a thank you from the directing staff, the CITs were rewarded a late night movie in the chapel after the dance. The CITs watched “The Dark Knight.”
<![CDATA[Wednesday, Session 1]]>Wed, 10 Jul 2013 19:11:43 GMThttp://campholycross.org/newsletter/wednesday-session-1Day 4 (Wednesday) started off with the hopes that the weather would hold off for our Hike Day. Unfortunately Mother Nature wasn’t in our favor again so we had to cancel the hike after a couple of our counselors hiked the trail to set up our Treasure Hunt. After breakfast our CITs and some counselors hiked the trail to retrieve the Treasure Hunt we laid out for the camp to lead to the Fire Tower at the DAR. The good news is we were able to salvage the clues before Mother Nature had a chance to ruin them so we can use them for next week.

But our directors were able to think fast on their toes and come up with a back up plan for the day.  Instead of going on the planned hike, the camp instead did activities around camp, played games in the gym, and watched Finding Nemo in the Chapel.

Around three o’clock the camp went up to field in their Color War teams to play People Pictionary.  People Pictionary is when the directors give each team a shape and then as a team using their bodies, the team has to make that shape in the field. Once they are able to do that, one of the directors goes on a ladder to take a picture of the people shape that the Color War team created. The scores are still being processed at this time for who won the Color War challenge.

As the day went on all the cabins were hard at work for preparing for the night’s Talent Show!  And this year the campers really put their best foot forward and put on a fabulous show! There were some singing and dancing, acting and a “cup song” from Pitch Perfect, and a little bit of magic too!  Trying to pick a winner was difficult for the directors due to all the wonderful talent that performed tonight.  But a winner was announced and that was the boys from Cabin 11 who performed an original rap about Camp Holy Cross.

Following the Talent Show tonight we had our Christmas Mass. This year we had a record break in the 14 years that Father Chris has been running the camp.  This record was the amount of volunteers we had to do the choir for tonight’s mass.  With the campers enthusiasm and courage to get up in front of the camp to sing, it made the mass that much more special.

Another wonderful day here at Camp Holy Cross with another one to follow tomorrow!
<![CDATA[Tuesday, Session 1]]>Tue, 09 Jul 2013 19:10:35 GMThttp://campholycross.org/newsletter/tuesday-session-1It’s Day 3 (Tuesday) here at Camp Holy Cross! The day started off cloudy, but the campers were excited for the day to start.  Twenty-two youngsters showed up for Sunrise Swim, making it one-quarter of the way across the lake!  Today we played a camp-wide CLUE game!  This was similar to the family board game everyone has grown up with, but we played it around our camp.  Someone kidnapped Father Chris, and it was up to the Color War teams to find out who did it, where they did it, and with what object they did it with.  But have no fear the answer was revealed with the Silver Team coming in first, solving the mystery of who kidnapped Father Chris.  Found guilty for the kidnap was our director Courtney at the Pavilion with a ping-pong paddle.

After lunch was over, the campers broke apart into their cabin groups for the activities for the day. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate today, and it started to downpour! Thanks to directors who think on their toes, the activities were switched indoors. About an hour later, Mother Nature seemed to be on our side having the rain stop, but with rumbles of thunder still occurring.  Fortunately, during the thunderstorm, thirty Counselors in Training (C.I.T.) learned how to administer CPR, rescue a choking victim, and use an Automated External Defibrillator.  We are even safer now than we were yesterday!

The rest of the day’s schedule includes the campers doing an elective activity, rest, dinner, free time, and then MOVIE NIGHT! As of right now the movie is still to be determined for this evening, but we always keep the movie option rated G or PG for the younger campers!

<![CDATA[Monday, Session 1]]>Mon, 01 Jul 2013 19:09:04 GMThttp://campholycross.org/newsletter/monday-session-1Day 2 (Monday) is almost over, and the campers are having a blast!  Last night (Sunday) was a great kickoff to a fun-filled week. Campers met with their cabin mates and counselors and engaged in icebreaker games. Later on in the night, whole camp gathered together in the Mess Hall for Human Bingo! What is Human Bingo, you ask? It’s simple.  Every camper or counselor received a bingo card with facts in the bingo spaces. An example would be “find someone who is afraid of spiders.” Then the campers found fellow campers fitting each statement, and the first person who filled out their card, received bragging rights and first dibs on ice cream!! We also celebrated Sophia Tisdale’s birthday last night at snack.

After gathering in the Mess Hall, the campers returned to their cabins to get flashlights and then walked up to the field! This is where all the campers found out their Color War teams.  Color Wars is a camp-wide competition with the campers split into team Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Silver, or Black.  Every day a color wars competition allows each team to earn points.  Whoever has the most points at the end of the week gets to sign a bandana and forever have the ultimate bragging rights!!

Day 2 began with Color Tag! This was another Color War’s game. Color Tag is when a counselor from each Color War team hides with a bucket of paint. If any team finds where the counselor is hiding, then the teammates get to have a streak of color put on their face. At the end of the game whoever had the most color streaks on their faces won the game! Today we had a 5-way tie for first place!! Red, Purple, Gray, Green, and Blue all came in first place today!

Later tonight we had the Dutch Auction. This is another Color Wars activity that the camp played in the chapel with all the other Color Wars teams.  The three categories of the auction were selling the directors a “Whatcha-ma-call-it,” Sing Off, and Newspaper Fashion Show.  Selling the directors a “Whatcha-ma-call-it” was when the color war teams had to go outside of the chapel and find objects in nature to create something to sell in a commercial.  The Sing Off challenged teams to come up with as many songs as they could think of with the word “love” in the song in only 2 minutes. Once the list was created, the teams had to sing that part of the song that contained the word “love” when the directors called out their Color War team. If you repeated a song another team sang or couldn’t come up with a song within 3 seconds of your team color being called, your team was out. The last Color War team standing was the winner of that section of the Dutch Auction.  The last section was the Newspaper Fashion Show where the color teams received a stack of newspapers and had to dress up a camper in a creative way with newspapers.

And finally to wrap up Day 2, we gathered the entire camp together around the camp fire to sing songs and cook smore’s.  Ask your child if you can ride in his “Little Red Wagon,” if he or she’s ever seen a bear, or if he or she likes bugs (if you’re prepared for some exciting renditions of these themes).

<![CDATA[Welcome to Camp Holy Cross 2013!]]>Fri, 28 Jun 2013 04:58:54 GMThttp://campholycross.org/newsletter/welcome-to-camp-holy-cross-2013Wahooooo!!!! Camp is almost here!!! We have lots of fun planned for camp this year, and hopefully you're as excited as we are! With many new campers and staff members, this year will be unlike any other! 

We are very excited to announce that for the first time in several years, session one of camp has SOLD OUT! But don't worry if you haven't gotten your paperwork in yet, there are still a few spots left in session two! But you better hurry, those spots are going quickly!

As you start to pack for camp, we wanted to give you some things to keep in mind! If you haven't already, make sure you check out our packing list. It can be found under our camper forms. We also want to add in a reusable water bottle.

Also, note that our dance themes this year are Christmas in July for session one, and Neon/Black-light for session two! Don't forget an awesome outfit to dress up in! We will also have themes each day, so be on the lookout for more information on that!

You should also know we will have a talent show each week, and campers are welcome to do individual acts so bring your A-game! (And anything you might want to preform with!) 

When you are packing, keep in mind that many things get worn at summer camp, so you don't want to bring anything that you wouldn't want to get a little wear-and-tear on. Each week, we have an activity that involves getting covered in paint. While participation is optional, it is always a lot of fun and many campers like to wear OLD CLOTHES AND SNEAKERS for the paint does not always come off completely. 

Camp is a great place to get away from the business of everyday life. Gameboys, MP3 players, tablets, and other electronic devices are best when left at home. There is no need for then at camp, and we are not responsible if they are lost or broken. CELL PHONES SHOULD ALSO BE LEFT HOME! Those that are brought to camp will be collected and only used during designated times. 

When you are getting ready to come, remember that camp is not a beauty pageant. We will be conducting swim tests on the first night immediately after check-in, and a new state law MANDATES that everyone is tested. 

Want to get even more information? Make sure you "Like" us on Facebook for all the latest updates and pictures!

I think that's all for now folks, but keep checking-in for more updates, and for newsletters each day of camp!]]>